How To Help

We friends of Jenn’s who are operating this site so that Jenn & Rahman can focus on what matters right now: Phoenix. We have been watching Jenn go through this awful plight… she and Rahman have been financially devastated by Phoenix’s circumstances. We suggested trying to raise some money from the community. They have humbly accepted, very grateful for the support.

How can you help out this amazing young family?

  • Whatever your religion or beliefs, please pray or send positive, peaceful vibes for the family.
  • If you are able and feel moved to do so, there is a link to donate via Paypal in the right sidebar. PLEASE NOTE: You are donating to Jenn and Rahman personally in the name of a trust account. This is NOT a donation to a registered charity, and your donation is not eligible for a tax receipt or taxable deduction. You will receive ten bazillion karma points and rights to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, however… as well as the knowledge that every cent is going to help a family in need.
  • Share Phoenix’s story and this site with everyone you know, ask your friends to pray for Jenn & Rahman, and let people know how they can also donate.
  • Paint your nails purple in loving memory of Phoenix. #NailsforNenix
  • Consider purchasing a Baby Danger tshirt from Pnoy Apparel, as Jenn posted about here.

Please join us in helping Phoenix’s family keep their energy where it’s needed most – on helping her live to the fullest. And thank you so very much for anything you are able to contribute, whether that’s prayer, money or spreading the word.


12 Responses to How To Help

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  2. May says:

    Is there an address or a place we can send cheques to if we don’t have a paypal account? Thank you.

    • mimidanger says:

      Hi May,

      We’ll be setting up a trust account within the next few days and I’ll reply with the bank address and details once we have it.

      Thank you.

      Mimi Danger

      • Tara Hallgren says:

        IF you are going to do a silent auction or event I would be honoured to donate some baskets of wine or large format bottles…
        Tara Hallgren

        • Aileen de la Cruz says:

          Hi Tara, I am putting together to benefit shows for The Danger Family on nov 2 and 3rd. Posters are in the process of being made. I am holding a silent auction for the nov 2 event. If you would like to contribute It would be greatly appreciated.

          My name is Aileen de la Cruz. you can reach me at 604 340 7567 or

  3. Have you considered doing some sort of auction or raffle to raise money? I’d be willing to donate something from my Scentsy business towards it!

    • Aileen Dela Cruz says:

      Hello Brianne,
      I am putting together 2 benefit shows for The Danger Family on nov 2 and 3rd. Posters are in the process of being made. I am holding a silent auction for the nov 2 event. If you would like to contribute It would be greatly appreciated.

      My name is Aileen de la Cruz. you can reach me at 604 340 7567 or

  4. DP says:

    You know, the Elks like to help families and kids. A letter to the local branch where they live including this blog would be a good way to get some help financially. If you email me a letter I can pass it on to the people in the organization I know.

  5. Ken Akau says:

    Hello! I’m a friend of Baby Dangers Uncle, Jordan. I have been involved with a health company for about a year now and have seen and heard of many ways supplementation could help people with immune deficiencies. I would like to get some more information on her condition and on what has transpired so far, so I can share it with some of the scientists of the company, to see if there will be some kind of benefit for her. Any information would be great. I can even use of posts from earlier. If there is anything that could help, I want to send some of those supplements that we have as a donation for her getting better. My prayers and best wishes to Baby Danger and the rest of the family.

  6. Ronald Ellison says:

    I don’t know ow much it can help, but this documentary called “Food Matters” talks about how proper nutrition with high dosage of the right kind of vitamins can heal the body. “If the body is healthy, disease can not be form no matter what you call the disease”.-Charlotte Gerson. Here’s the link

    I work with the company Ken Akau spoke of and I’m willing to donate some products as well to help. I’ll be in contact with him to see what can be done. But please if you can watch the movie and learn the information because they talk about how chemotherapy doesn’t cure cancer and that’s why it keeps coming back. Please act swiftly in learning the knowledge to help. Also all vitamins are not made the same. Here’s a link that proves this

    So please let us know because our supplements are made of high quality and are regulated with higher standards.

  7. leslie diaz says:


    My name is Leslie. I’ve been following you stories and viewing pictures. I want to say my heart goes out to you and deepest condolences to you and your family. I live in Winnipeg, MB and I am contributing my fundraising for the children with cancer. I first thought of your family when I registered for Dragon Boat 2013 and wanted to know if I can share your story and show pictures of brave Phoenix on my profile? My brother passes with Leukemia when I was 16 and I know how it feels to lose family. My mother has breast cancer and I always feel I should be doing so much more to help. This is me opening up to someone I do not know, I am reaching out to help and do as much as I can. I’ve attached the link to know more info about our fundraiser. Thank you so much for sharing your daughters world with us.


    • mimidanger says:

      Thank you for reaching out Leslie. Yes, please share Phoenix’s story with anyone you think it will help. Its a dreadful disease and far too many families are being destroyed because of it. We hope that sharing her story will inspire people to be more present in their own lives and appreciate the health and gifts that life has to offer. We live the best lives possible in honour of the loved ones we’ve lost far too soon. Light and Love to you and your family, especially to your mom during her fight. Stay strong. Keep us updated πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’™

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