Sleeping Bliss

This is how we slept. Intertwined in each other’s arms. There was a short period of time when she slept on her own in the crib but that was shortlived. She never fell asleep on her own her whole life and I am thankful for that now. Her papa and I always put her to sleep because she was our baby and she loved it.

One time I was putting her down for a nap at home. She must’ve been 3 or 4. My usual routine was to wait until she fell asleep then sneak out of the room. If I made one sound she would wake up and call for me. This time, I lifted my head to see if she was asleep and she opened her eyes, put her hand on my head and ever so gently guided it back onto the pillow. She was like: sleep mimi, you got nowhere to go. She was the boss. Lol. That’s one thing that I’m not used to doing: sleeping without her. I dont think I’ll ever get used to it.



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