6 Random Facts about Phoenix

1) She loved to dance. She loved to move. always.

A little background. She was bedridden in March 2012 due to a procedure she had done to investigate some shadows found in her lungs.  So from then on until the end she never walked comfortably around, although we worked on that during our 2 months at home before her final months.

Before this, you wouldn’t be able to catch her because she ran everywhere. In the house, whenever she moved from room to room she would run.

She loved to dance and she had two favourite songs:

a) Sunday Morning by K-Os (a Canadian artist) She loved this song ever since she was 1? or 2? Most of her short life. We would listen to it over and over and over again…and dance around. In fact, we were dancing to this song the night before our lives changed when she was diagnosed with Cancer.

b) We Found Love by Rihanna This song was a more recent favourite. In early 2012, at the beginning of our 9 month stay in the hospital we would listen to this song with some members of Team Danger in her hospital room and just lose it dancing to is song. It helped us all release some stresses of the horror that we were living.

2) Phoenix learned to read many words by the time she was 18 months. We got her the “Your Baby Can Read” dvd series (a brilliant series which teaches teaches babies to read) and by this time she could read upwards of 30 words. As she grew older she tired of me asking her to practice reading and we would argue because she wanted me to read and I wanted her to read. My daughter has a very strong will and knows what she wants and didn’t compromise. I wish I read to her more 😦

3) In our breaks at the hospital we would go down to the coffee shop in the lobby and have dates. I would have a coffee and she would have a kids hot chocolate. She asked for a hot chocolate almost every day that we were in the hospital. We also earned a reputation at the hospital for hanging out at the opposite time as the usual families because we would play RockBand on the Xbox in the evenings when most other children were sleeping. We were night owls.

Her favourite video games were:
Dance Central (fave songs to dance to on there were Poker Face and Can’t Get You Outta my Mind)
Kirby’s Epic Yarn on Wii (we practically finished it)
Lego Indiana Jones
Lego Batman
She was really good at playing video games. All you had to do was show her something once and she’s got it.

4) She loved her animated movies. Of course her favourites were the Pixar movies which she would watch over and over again. Now most of these movies have sequels that she would’ve loved to see. Especially Finding Nemo.

5) She was SUCH a good, sweet girl. She never complained. And always took everything that came her way like a champ. For this, and many other reasons, she is my hero. She had to endure so many painful procedures and all she wanted in return was an embrace from her papa and I.

6) She learned at a sooner age than I thought (age 2) what kind of things she wanted to wear. I always knew that we would have debates early in her life because she was just like me. But I thought it would start at age 3. It started at age 2 and if you look through her pictures you can see the transition from wearing blacks, blues (pretty much anything other than pink) to only wearing pink and dresses. I guess that was my fault for allowing her to watch so many animated movies where the girls always wear dresses, but oh well.

She loved to wear pretty dresses. She called them her Princess dresses. Only dresses sometimes was all she wanted to wear. Often times, when she found a new dress that she liked she would want to wear it all day, every day. We ended up buying her multiples of dresses so she could wear the same thing. In fact, looking at her pictures, I can tell what period of time it was based on what she wore.

We had a rule that you couldn’t sleep in the same clothes as you wore during the day. And it would be a source of stress because she didn’t want to get out of her princess dresses for bed time. So my compromise to her was that she could wear it as soon as she woke up. The next morning, first thing she says as she opens her eyes “Can I wear the dress now?” Hahaha…she cracks me up.

I miss you so much Nenix. Mimi loves you. Everything I do, I do for you my dear. Always.



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