I can’t believe it’s been a year…


A year ago today, she was in so much pain. It was such a hard day for her as they increased her pain meds to keep her comfortable. It ended pretty well as she got to spend some quality time with #teamdanger and especially @jillthy.

She gave me a gift that day, to remember always. Before she went to sleep for her afternoon nap she told me two things:

1) “Don’t eat my lollipops, ok?” – she had a jewelry box which she put all her favourite things into, one of which was a lollipop. This made me laugh because I wasn’t going to take her lollipop! But she was so serious I just nodded and said of course.

2) Then she told me, “Let me know if you need anything” ….bringing tears to my eyes. I thought, “What a thoughtful girl. Even with such a hard day, she is still thinking of me.”

On this very painful Thanksgiving, the Anniversary of your ascension to the next plain of existence, I give thanks to you #PhoenixRyland for showing me true strength and bravery. For being such a wonderful daughter and strong spirit. For inspiring us all to do our best to follow our dreams. And for continuing to teach me what true love is.

#missingnenix #missingphoenix #lovefornenix #loveforphoenix #mimimisssesyou #mimimissesnenix


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One Response to I can’t believe it’s been a year…

  1. kelseycsmart says:

    Jen, your Thanksgiving post is beautiful and totally heart-wrenching… So much love to you right now and always!

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