Happy Birthday Nenix – Love Papa and Mimi

Five years ago on this day, I became the proud father of an Angel. Although, I did not realize it at the time. Little did I know that my daughter would touch the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world. People say that Phoenix lost her battle with cancer. I do not for one instance believe that to be the case. Phoenix’s physical body could no longer contain her powerful spirit, which is why she transformed into her true form, an Angel.

Phoenix….Nothing could have prepared us for the day that you left our physical world. You have accomplished more things in your short life than most will accomplish in their entire lives. You truly are an inspiration to us all. I still have sleepless nights thinking of what I could have done differently. I wish i could have done more for you. I guess it’s the guilt any parent has when their child passes over into the next world. The core responsibility for any parent is to keep their child safe and secure. I am truly sorry Phoenix for not being able to “save” you. It is still very difficult to accept the fact that this is all meant to be, but I am slowly beginning to understand this. You are meant to watch over us and give us strength through our toughest challenges we have yet to encounter in this world. You will forever be my conscience. I will live to rest of my life in trying to make you proud of me. #babydanger #teamdanger #fuckcancer #nailsfornenix

Happy Birthday Nenix!! Papa Loves You.


Happy 5th Birthday my darling, Nenix.

Mimi is so proud of you. In the face of every difficult challenge, you kept smiling. Your bravery, courage and grace taught me that the true blessings in life are the simple things……like your laugh and your sweet little voice. I miss you so much baby.

Mimi will treasure every moment of the last 5 years EVERY DAY until I get to hold you again.

My heart will never be the same. I love you Nenix.




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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Nenix – Love Papa and Mimi

  1. Though I don’t knw the pain of loosing a child,I’m a mother myself I can only imagine the pain you go through everyday. You words are so powerful and strong yet I can sense you pain in between the lines. And I can feel how much u love your little girl. Happy bday Nenix, an Angel *bows*

  2. Cameron says:


    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



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