The Dangerous Thanksgiving Update

We’ve been looking at some holistic methods to strengthen Baby Danger’s body against the leukemia and her progress has been very encouraging.

We started her on daily acupuncture treatments last Sunday. I know, hold on….no needles. They use a laser, much like a laser pointer, which is painless and just as effective.

We’ve been giving her Acai Berry juice, Mangosteen juice, Wheat grass juice and we’ll start her on Graviola juice tonight. These are all given through her feeding tube cause there’s no way she would drink these……hey, one battle at a time! Her energy levels are good and we’ve been outside a few times this week! She’s started to play video games too! Yay! This was from today, giving me the stink eye:


We have received a tremendous response since we started this blog and our Positive Energy Prayer Army is growing. We’ve had just over 12k hits as of this morning! We are overwhelmed by the generosity of your donations, having received over $11k so far. This puts a significant dent in our debt and allows Papa Danger and I to concentrate on Baby Danger’s complete and total healing.

There aren’t enough words to express our utmost appreciation for these gifts. But on this day of giving thanks I’ll keep it short and simple:

From the bottom of our Dangerous hearts, we thank you for sending all your different forms of love. We feel it and are strengthened and uplifted by it. We surround Phoenix with it.

And it’s working.


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