October 2nd Update

We went outside for the first time on Sunday for a family photo shoot. We’ve been trying since we got here to get her outside so she could see her castle. Unfortunately, she wasn’t much into it because of the paparazzi…so we’ll try again today if the weather cooperates.

Her appetite seems to have come back; she’s asked for sinigang (filipino tamarind soup) and rice, which she had a spoonful of; fish and chips; cheese pizza in the shape of a heart; cheddar cheese in the shape of hearts; and mac and cheese. She hasn’t eaten much but the fact that she’s asking for it is huge. Yay! This is her after a huge mouthful of mac and cheese that she insisted on feeding herself with:


Favourite Things:
When something becomes a favourite thing, she has to hold it and sleep with it all the time. These days her fave things are:

panda hat
cinderella cell phone
hello kitty balloon
hello kitty fan
wand that lights up

So her bed gets pretty full sometimes. A few days ago she rediscovered a chocolate lollipop from purdy’s and it became one of her favourite things. She took a nap and this is where we found it. Lol!


She is getting stronger and stronger every day. I truly believe it’s a testament to Phoenix and the power of our growing Positive Energy Prayer Army. So keep the prayers and positive vibes coming. This is a battle that is fought each and every day and together we are winning.

Phoenix is winning.


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5 Responses to October 2nd Update

  1. carlasdeleon says:

    Phoenix, you never cease to amaze us with your strength! Praying for all of you! Love, the De Leon’s & the SJ’s.


    Love, strength and positivity are in the air – every breath Baby Danger takes is a refuel for her amazing superhuman strength! Lead the way and triumph, Baby Danger! We are with you 100%

    from an admiring supporter

  3. Beverly says:

    aww lol, that melted chocolate bar -she is such a sweet girl. I constantly send my love and prayers to you and baby danger

    P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the painting. Had a setback, but will send it out by Friday. Sorry for the delay.

  4. Cheeyl says:

     Praying for you! Your strength is so inspiring. May God continue to strengthen you and protect you. God bless

  5. Jennifer Esmeria says:

    Hi Pheonix,

    My name is Miles Esmeria and I’m 10 months old. We don’t know each other but my Daddy knows your Daddy. My Mommy and I pray for you every night at bedtime. We pray that you will feel better really soon. When you get out of the Hospital, maybe we can play together?


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