Nenix Update – Sept 27th Make a Wish Day

Yesterday was a pretty good day. The Make a Wish Foundation granted Nenix’s wish to see the newest Tinkerbell movie, which hasn’t been released yet. The producer flew it up from L.A. for a very special viewing and she got to watch it downstairs in the great room with a bunch of family.

Her pain remains under control and she feels well enough to give me attitude constantly. For example, for the last few days, she’s been inseparable from her papa. Every time she has a booger, usually she lets me know and I go for a dig. Yesterday, she told me about a big one and I went to work. In the middle of my efforts she decided she wanted papa to give it a try. I made a smart ass remark under my breath and said, ” I’m really good at getting your boog-boogs! I know how to do it! ” and her reply was, ” But Papa’s doing a great job!”

How can I argue with that? ❤


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2 Responses to Nenix Update – Sept 27th Make a Wish Day

  1. M_T says:

    This is soo nenix like… lol …. she is You girlfriend 🙂

  2. M_T says:

    Made me smile and a little tears 🙂

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