Phoenix’s Story

Jenn and Rahman have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Phoenix. Phoenix has been battling leukemia since January 2011…..she’s shown such an indomitable spirit that she’s lived up to her nickname “Baby Danger”, because she’s a real danger to cancer! They gave her that nickname when she was still in the belly, funny enough. Danger was almost legally her middle name but last minute they decided against it, true story. Since then, they’ve also picked up the monikers Mimi Danger (because that’s how Phoenix pronounced mommy when she first started to talk) and Papa Danger, and collectively, they are The Danger Family. Don’t mess with them.

Jenn’s full-time “job” (unpaid, of course) during this time has been caring for Phoenix – they’ve practically lived at Children’s Hospital the whole time while Rahman worked as often as he could to try to pay the bills. They both have a huge extended family that’s at the hospital a lot of the time, so the care and love for Phoenix is amazing to see.

What’s tragic is that Phoenix did so well through treatment; fighting so hard enduring aggressive therapies after relapsing in November 2011, remission in March 2012, then her stem cell transplant in April, and then finally home from the hospital in late June.

Unfortunately this September, she began complaining of fevers and pain. To the family’s horror, they learned the cancer is back and this time, she’s not well enough to go through treatment again. The doctors have told the family they can no longer try to cure Phoenix, they can only work at keeping her comfortable. Can you imagine receiving this news about your baby? Mimi and Papa Danger refuse to take what the doctors tell them to heart and instead, believe in the power of Phoenix and with the support of their family, friends and their extensive Positive Energy and Prayer Army, they continue to fight.

She has, time and time again, proven the doctors wrong and she will prove them wrong again. They’re absolutely not giving up, a parent NEVER gives up.

Jenn & Rahman have been relentlessly caring for Phoenix, through months and months of staying at the hospital, and because of it, they are in financial trouble now. They’ve managed to keep creditors at bay for the most part, buying time until this is all behind them. But they are now facing comments from collectors such as, “Can’t someone else be there while you work?” What’s a parent to do?! Of course nobody can care for and love a child like her parents can.

This sweet little girl is now at Canuck Place and the family is very happy there. It’s a beautiful setting (a castle!) and the amazing staff have been able to get Phoenix’s pain under control which is a huge blessing.

Updates on this site will be as available but not necessarily frequent. However please help this family any way you can. Here’s how you can help.

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7 Responses to Phoenix’s Story

  1. S says:

    Sending so much love your way. Heart-wrenching, and I hope my little bit of help does some good. xo

  2. Dave & Julie says:

    Thank you very much for putting this blog together. Wish we could do 10 thousand times more. We’re sending love and positive vibes their way.

    Also, don’t know if you have found this link but went in search of more information about financial assistance.

  3. i am charm says:

    Reblogged this on all that charms and commented:
    Hi guys.
    Meet Phoenix. I’m re-blogging this for inspiration. I’m praying for this child and all the children suffering from cancer. I don’t have intimate knowledge nor I don’t want to imagine going through this. She’s a strong child. Please pray for her also. If there’s one thing that I solely believe, that miracles do exist. If you are able, please donate and help them financially.

    Take Care guys. 🙂

  4. viveka says:

    A beautiful post about a very beautiful and strong little girl. Absolut beautiful post and heartbreaking – I hope she don’t have to give up that fight – been a cancer patient and I know who tough and rough the journey is – it was very hard on me and I’m doing well so fare, 2 years now .. how hard will it not on that little girl.

  5. Maritess says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I posted this blog on FB and Twitter to help spread the word. Keep strong Phoenix, miracles do happen!

  6. Demy says:

    No child deserves to die at this age nor any age…but we dont know why God let it happen…i have an autistic child he’s 25 year old now….but one thing i know is he changed me. I became patient, loving and understanding to people with and without disabilities/illness…..We pray to our merciful God’s divine healing for baby Pheonix!

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