Nenix Update – Sept 13, 2012

Last week, Nenix was complaining of pain in her arms and was given codeine to make her more comfortable. The next day, she was admitted to the hospital due to fevers.

Once admitted, she was given antibiotics to cover any infections she might have until they determined the cause of the fevers. Her fevers persisted, coming more frequently and were as high as 40.5. She started to retain a lot of fluid in her limbs and her belly. And on tuesday she started to have pain in her hips.

On Wednesday she had a Bone Marrow Biopsy to try to rule out the leukemia coming back.

Our worst fear was confirmed. The leukemia is back in her marrow at about 15-20%.

This seems to be the cause of all her symptoms; certainly the bone pain. But just in case, she is covered for any bacterial or fungal infections and any viruses she may have.

Our main goal right now is to get her healthy enough to start another treatment plan. This is where we need all your prayers and positive energy.

It doesn’t matter that we just completed the most difficult marathon of our lives; we have an even more difficult one ahead. Phoenix, well the whole family, is being tested, yet again. Her strength and endurance will overcome these incredible obstacles. I know it.



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