Nenix Update Nov. 9, 2011

There have been several updates to Nenix’s condition this week:

Monday: Something suspicious was found in Nenix’s blood which prompted the dr’s to order a bone marrow biopsy and a lumber puncture for further tests.

Tuesday: Results from the tests confirmed that cancer has returned to her bone marrow. The dr’s say these malignant cells are chemo-resistant. It is a cause for concern that she relapsed so soon after completing treatment. That afternoon she was admitted to BCCH and we will stay here until at least Monday.

The plan: 5 days of new chemo drugs and then in a month she will have another bone marrow biopsy. When it confirms that she is in remission, depending on how good the situation is, she will go through one or two more rounds of chemo to ensure the malignant cells are gone.

Once these rounds are done, she will get a bone marrow transplant. This new bone marrow will essentially give her a new immune system. Then, from what I understand, she will be done treatment. No more maintenance required.

Thoughts and Prayers: We continue to surround Nenix with positive thoughts and prayers. We welcome all visitors, however, the big concern is protecting her from infection. We ask that you are not nor have been in any contact with anyone who is sick. Also, the dr’s recommend that we all get flu shots too. Message me if you’re in the area and would like to visit.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. Keep ’em coming!


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