25 Random Things About Baby Danger!

1) Her name is “Danger” because we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby and we didn’t want to keep calling her “it” so Danger was naturally our first choice…..and nearly became her legal middle name.

2) When she was in the belly she hated anything getting in her space, like if my pants were too tight she would give me a couple kicks. Now that she’s out she’s exactly the same; she needs a lot of room to sleep.

3) She was a surprise! We were planning to leave on a world trip for at least a year and then we got preggers! Haha. BEST SURPRISE EVER

4) She’s been to Europe…in my belly for 7 weeks. It wasn’t as hard as people might think. And that’s one of the reasons we think she can’t sit still because we moved so much when she was in the belly.

5) She makes the best kawawa face I’ve ever seen. We miss it now because she doesn’t do it anymore..boo.

6) She loves anything that has to do with farms. She has 2 barns, 3 horses, 2 cows, 3 pigs, 2 sheep…yadayadayada

7) She looks exactly like Rahman when she doesn’t have bangs and more like me when she has her bangs down. CRAZY.

8) She calls for her Papa all the time and only for mama when she’s crying.

9) She doesn’t like to do anything when you want her to do something. She got that from me.

10) She won’t take off the ring her grammy gave her in January. She gets mad.

11) She loves reading thanks to the Your Baby Can Read series. The best purchase I ever made.

12) She hates brushing her teeth and I have to fight her every day, twice a day, to brush her teeth.

13) Rahman works almost every day and every day, if she’s in the kitchen, when he comes through the door she gets scared when she hears the key turn and the door open. Terrified.

14) I’m trying to train her not to be scared of anything so ever since she was a couple months old I play this game with her and I throw her on the bed. I do it like the pirate ship at the PNE and rock her 3 times before throwing her in the air and letting her fall on the bed. Safely of course.

15) She loves to dance and that is one of the only things she will do if you ask her to. Even if there’s no music.

16) She can turn off her ticklish-ness. Don’t ask me how. She got that from her Papa.

17) She moves like a ninja. 3 times now I’ve turned away from her and once she was squatting on the dishwasher door, the second time we were by the front door and I turned around to get her jacket for a second and she was at the sofa watching TV (about 10 feet), and third she was squatting on one of our nesting tables. She looked like a gargoyle. Maybe we can train her to be a ninja too.

18) She is a charmer. She says HI to strangers when they walk by and smiles her funny smile at neighbours when we’re at restaurants.

19) Her two bottom front teeth are totally crooked. They were the 3rd and 4th teeth to come in and we joked that she looked like the Predator.

20) When she was only a couple of weeks old, when she got mad she would start breathing heavier and heavier and get redder and redder. We called her the Hulk.

21) She takes longer naps when I sleep next to her. So I often do that….for her of course.

22) Kaya and Danger will lead the revolution against the Zombie attack.

23) After every sneeze she makes a sound like “ehhhhh” I think because she likes sneezing.

24) She knows how to Cheers your drink.

25) She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. : )


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2 Responses to 25 Random Things About Baby Danger!

  1. kelseycsmart says:

    Best. Post. EVER! 🙂

  2. Maria Wright says:

    That’s so beautiful. I love Baby Danger.

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